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This is the "HTML5 Player" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{HTML5 Player
<!-- Library Details -->
|Library Home Page= URL
|Library Source Repository= URL
|Library Issue Tracker= URL
|Library Authors= String
|License= String
|Javascript Library= String
|Plugins= yes/no
|Plugins Available= String
|Library Introduction= Text
<!-- Library Embedding Types -->
|Flash Fallback= yes/no
|Flash Fallback Player= String
|Flash Embed Rewriting= yes/no
|Flash Embed Rewriting Notes= Text
|Reads HTML5 Media Tags= yes/no
|IFrame Embedding= yes/no
|IFrame API= yes/no
|IFrame API Notes= Text
<!-- API Compatibility -->
|Flexible Embedding= yes/no
|HTML5 Media Events= yes/no
|HTML5 Media Events Notes= Text
|HTML5 Media API= yes/no
|HTML5 Media API Notes= Text
<!-- UI Features -->
|Audio Player= yes/no
|Fullscreen= yes/no
|Fullscreen Notes= Text
|Playlist Support= yes/no
|Subtitle Support= yes/no
|Touch Interface= yes/no
|Keyboard Interface= yes/no
|Themeable= yes/no
|Themability Notes= Text
|Advertising= yes/no
|Advertising Notes= Text
|Analytics= yes/no
|Analytics Notes= Text
<!-- Platform Compatibility -->
|IOS= yes/no
|IOS Notes= Text
|Android 1.x= yes/no
|Android 1.x Notes= Text
|Android 2.x= yes/no
|Android 2.x Notes= Text
|Blackberry= yes/no
|Blackberry Notes= Text

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