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Library Introduction

jPlayer is a jQuery plugin that allows you to:

  • play and control media files in your webpage
  • create and style a media player using just HTML and CSS
  • add audio and video to your jQuery projects
  • support more devices using HTML5
  • support older browsers using a Flash Fallback
  • control media on your website using a JavaScript API

jPlayer supports:

  • HTML5: mp3, m4a (AAC), m4v (H.264), ogv*, oga*, wav*, webm*
  • Flash: mp3, m4a (AAC), m4v (H.264)
  • Optional counterpart formats to increase HTML5 x-browser support.

Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

Quick Start Guide

Developer Guide and API Reference

Author: Mark J Panaghiston

Library Details

Library Home Page
Library Source Repository
Library Issue Tracker
Library Authors
Javascript Library Used jQuery
License GPL v3 & MIT
Plugin Infrastructure No
Plugins Available

Player UI Features

Audio Player Yes
Fullscreen Yes
Subtitle Support No
MediaRSS Playlist Support
Touch Interface Yes
Keyboard Interface No
Themeable Yes
Advertising No
Analytics No

Platform Compatibility

iOS Yes
Android 1.x Yes
Android 2.x Yes
Blackberry Yes

Embed Types Supported

Flash Fallback Yes
Flash Fallback Player Custom
Flash Embed Rewriting No
Reads HTML5 Media Tags No
iFrame Embedding Yes
iFrame API No

API Compatibility

Flexible Embedding Yes
HTML5 Media Events Yes
HTML5 Media API Yes