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Using mw.setConfig()

The resource loading framework for the HTML5 library makes it possible to have may plugins available for dynamically invocation without increasing core payload size. Furthermore because KMC player studio allows the setting of "custom vars" a given plugin can still "work" within the Kaltura system without being fully integrated into the KMC gui. So through the entire lifecycle of the plugin, it can be integrated in SaaS, onPrem, and Community hosted versions of the KMC platform via the .org hosted version of the library.

Configuration options can be added via "custom vars" in the KMC or inline as javascript calls:

<!-- Kaltura html5 library include if copied from the KMC could also be ... ( note .org vs .com html5 js -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript">
<script type="text/javascript">
              // mw.setConfig calls go here
<!-- Kaltura Object Embed Goes here -->
<object id="kaltura_player"> ...</object>

Kaltura HTML5 Manual Namespace

The mwEmbedManual namespace is used to document configuration flags that may be set using mwEmbed's setConfig.

To insert a link into the wiki to a configuration flag use:


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