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LeanBack HTML5 Media Player Home Page

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Library Introduction

  • Supports widely used desktop browsers and mobile devices
  • Supports also Microsoft Internet Explorer (≤8) and Safari (without Quicktime on Windows) by fallback to Flash
  • Ability to handle more than one HTML5 video element on a single page
  • Javascript library independent
  • 100% skinnable using CSS; consistent look between browsers
  • Multi-language support (try: English, German, France)
  • Browser fullscreen mode; window fullscreen mode (if supported [1][2])
  • Volume controls in desktop browsers
  • Keyboard shortcuts on focused video in desktop browsers
  • Different playback rates (currently in desktop browsers Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 beta)
  • Supports subtitles through HTML5 track element; language-selection by label attribute of track
  • Supports preload attribute in desktop browsers to save traffic bandwidth (using a fix)
  • Supports video quality selection (e.g.: 360p, 480p, 720p HD, 1080p HD) in desktop browsers
  • Playlist feature in desktop browsers
  • Watermark/Logo feature in desktop browsers

Library Details

Library Home Page http://dev.mennerich.name/showroom/html5_video/
Library Source Repository
Library Issue Tracker
Library Authors
Javascript Library Used
License Custom
Plugin Infrastructure No
Plugins Available

Player UI Features

Audio Player No
Fullscreen Yes
Subtitle Support Yes
MediaRSS Playlist Support
Touch Interface No
Keyboard Interface Yes
Themeable Yes
Advertising No
Analytics No

Platform Compatibility

iOS Yes
Android 1.x Yes
Android 2.x Yes
Blackberry No

Embed Types Supported

Flash Fallback No
Flash Fallback Player
Flash Embed Rewriting No
Reads HTML5 Media Tags Yes
iFrame Embedding No
iFrame API No

API Compatibility

Flexible Embedding Yes
HTML5 Media Events No
HTML5 Media API No