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LeanBack HTML5 Media Player Home Page

Stand Alone Page ( fullscreen )

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[edit] Library Introduction

  • Supports (multiple) HTML5 <video> and <audio> elements
  • Supports subtitles through HTML5 <track> element
  • Supports standard HTML5 media enabled browsers, platforms and devices
  • Supports common HTML5 media formats and codecs
  • JavaScript library independent
  • 100% skinnable by using CSS
  • Extensions support to expand functionality
  • Multi-language support through JavaScript
  • Mute controls in desktop browsers
  • Volume (slider-like) controls in desktop browsers
  • Full-window or full-screen mode in modern browsers
  • Different playback rates if available in browser
  • Video resolution selection in desktop browsers
  • Keyboard shortcuts in desktop browsers
  • Personalized logo within videos viewport
  • Supports almost complete, upcoming WebVTT format
  • Supports player embedded in IFrames
  • Supports Flash- and HTML-Fallback
  • Supports "Turn-off-The-Lights" browser plugin
  • Completely open source

[edit] Library Details

Library Home Page http://www.leanbackplayer.com
Library Source Repository
Library Issue Tracker
Library Authors
Javascript Library Used Stand alone
License GPL v3
Plugin Infrastructure Yes
Plugins Available HD-Button, Google Analytics Tracking, Piwik Tracking, InVideo Playlist, XSPF Audio Playlist, Wordpress

[edit] Player UI Features

Audio Player Yes
Fullscreen Yes
Subtitle Support Yes
MediaRSS Playlist Support Yes
Touch Interface Yes
Keyboard Interface Yes
Themeable Yes
Advertising No
Analytics Yes

[edit] Platform Compatibility

iOS Yes
Android 1.x Yes
Android 2.x Yes
Blackberry Yes

[edit] Embed Types Supported

Flash Fallback No
Flash Fallback Player
Flash Embed Rewriting No
Reads HTML5 Media Tags Yes
iFrame Embedding Yes
iFrame API Yes

[edit] API Compatibility

Flexible Embedding Yes
HTML5 Media Events Yes
HTML5 Media API Yes