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Library Introduction

Kaltura's HTML5 Media Library enables you to take advantage of the html5 video and audio tags today with a consistent player interface across all major browsers including Internet Explorer.

The library supports a seamless fallback with Flash based playback using Kaltura's Flash player or Java Cortado for browsers that don't yet feature HTML5 video & audio support. Upon detection of the client browser, the Kaltura HTML5 Media Library chooses the right codec to use (specified in the source attributes, or available from a Kaltura server) and the right player to display. So whether you're using flash, h264, ogg-theora, or WebM -- Kaltura's library will make sure it is played on all browsers with the same UI. While support for HTML5 video is growing, there is large percentage of the web browser market that is presently best served by the Adobe Flash plugin and an associated player. A base component of the Kaltura HTML5 javascript library bridges this gap, by cascading to an underlining Flash player in browsers that do not support the native HTML5 video player. In addition, Kaltura's player maintains a unified look & feel across formats and browsers.

Library Details

Library Home Page http://www.kaltura.org/project/HTML5_Video_Media_JavaScript_Library
Library Source Repository http://www.kaltura.org/kalorg/html5video/trunk/mwEmbed/
Library Issue Tracker http://www.kaltura.org/project/issues/2720
Library Authors Michael Dale, Kaltura, Wikimedia Foundation
Javascript Library Used jQuery
License GPL v3
Plugin Infrastructure Yes
Plugins Available Analytics, Advertising, Universal Subtitles, Sequencer, MediaWiki, The Internet Archive

Player UI Features

Audio Player Yes
Fullscreen Yes
Subtitle Support Yes
MediaRSS Playlist Support No
Touch Interface Yes
Keyboard Interface
Themeable Yes
Advertising Yes
Analytics Yes

Platform Compatibility

iOS Yes
Android 1.x Yes
Android 2.x Yes
Blackberry Yes
Android 1.x Notes:

Gives a direct file link
Blackberry Notes: Gives a direct file link

Embed Types Supported

Flash Fallback Yes
Flash Fallback Player Kaltura KDP
Flash Embed Rewriting Yes
Reads HTML5 Media Tags Yes
iFrame Embedding Yes
iFrame API Yes

API Compatibility

Flexible Embedding Yes
HTML5 Media Events Yes
HTML5 Media API Yes