[HTML5 Video Announce] HTML5 library 1.6.1 .org update

Michael Dale michael.dale at kaltura.com
Wed Dec 21 01:27:53 UTC 2011

Here is an update on recent Kaltura HTML5 activity

== Release Urls ==

We should be updating html5.kaltura.org/js url with the 1.6.1 release in 
the next day or so. This release is mostly a bug fixing release. You can 
test what will be released here:

Note the previous release 1.5 will remain available and unchanged here:

Note: if your a Kaltura customer, you should probably be using the KMC 
embed code url, which is also being updated to 1.6.1 release as well :)

== Code Tools =

We have installed the mediaWiki code review tool. This helps keep track 
of svn activity so that we better manage code contributions and quality:

If you missed it check out the recent blog post on testSwarm. We have 
started putting more efforts into improved test coverage for our feature 
tests files.

==1.6.1 Release notes ==

     * Improved VAST ad support with dual video tag usage, for instant 
resume without seeks for devices / browsers that support it.
     * Improved playlist layout support.
     * Improved dynamic embedding support. ( initial kWidget api ) ... 
note we have a separate release that will document the full extent of 
the kWidget api. For now its only used for dynamic embedding.
     * Added "leadWithHTML5" support 
     * Fix bug with KDP evaluate expression support for compound 
     * Fixed bugs with cuePoint support.
     * Fixed iOS seeking issue using toFixed on setCurrentTime seeks
     * Support for webkit-playsinline for inline player display in 
native iPhone apps.
     * Fixes for iPhone / Android play state monitor when using native 
     * Restored Support for static html5 library packaging ( DreamWeaver 
widget )
     * Added Support for Custom loading spinner 

and lots of other small fixes.

     * Bug fixes for Plugins Include: FreeWheel, NielsenCombined, 
NielsenVideoCensus, DoubleClick and added new plugin DOLAnayltics.


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