HTML5 Video Full Throttle

( or how I learned to stop worrying and love html5 web video )
SF | 2012

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Michael Dale @michael_dale
Lead Front End Architect

Promise of HTML5

& Kittens, Rainbows and Unicorns!

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The Reality of HTML5?

What about HTML5 Video?

Broken Kittens?

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Know the Platform Limitations

Know Your HTML5 Video Delivery Goals:

For an OVP, Flexibility is Key

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A player platform, not just a player

An Architexture for flexibility of feature delivery

What does this enable?

Embed everywhere

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Many ways to Skin an HTML5 player

Platform Trade-offs

How do we make it all Fast!

How do we make it all maintainable

Taking advantage of Desktop HTML5!

  • Explore the future today!

  • DOM full screen

  • Multiple simotanius video/audio playback support

  • Upcoming features: media source api ( demo )etc.

  • Explore new posibilites: WebRTC video wall

  • Questions?

    Slide show and all its links:

    Ask me anything: @michael_dale :)