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Check out open video on Wikipedia and join the beta.

Kaltura has developed a full HTML5 Video Library – in use by Wikipedia – that works in ALL major browsers, even IE.

The library supports a seamless fallback with Flash based playback (using Kaltura’s media player – KDP3) or Java Cortado for browsers that don’t yet feature HTML5 video & audio support.  Upon detection of the client browser, the Kaltura HTML5 library chooses the right codec to use (specified in the source attributes) and the right player to display.  So whether you’re using flash, h264, ogg-theora or plan to use the anticipated VP8 codec – Kaltura’s library will make sure it is played on all browsers with the same html based UI.

While support for HTML5 video is growing, there is large percentage of the web browser market that is presently best served by the Adobe Flash plugin and an associated player. A base component of the Kaltura HTML5 javascript library bridges this gap, by cascading to an underlining Flash player in browsers that do not support the native HTML5 video player. In addition, Kaltura’s player maintains a unified look & feel across formats and browsers. Kalturas platform provides automatic transcoding into all supported formats (OGG, H.264, MOV, FLV etc.)

Get started using the Kaltura HTML5 Media Library now.

Main Benefits of the Kaltura HTML5 Media Library

Cross browser & format compatibility – Works on all major browsers, and with any online supported video format. Gracefully identifies the best playback engine (Native HTML5, Flash, VLC or Java Cortado) for your settings and video format.

Easy to skin – Based on HTML, CSS and jQuery, skinning is amazingly easy and flexible. No need for external or compiled resources (like Flash), or complicated development environments. Skin and Theme will be consistent through all UI and playback engines. Built in support for the jquery Theme Roller for easy theming.

Easy to extend, Javascript modules – Quick, clean and easy way of extending. Write once and the code will be compatible with all browsers and all playback engines. Javascript libraries for web applications that allow much more than simple playback to create a full featured web-video experience – Import and upload wizard, Video Editor, Client Side Encoding (Fireogg).

Easy to integrate – Integrate to any existing web CMS, pre-integrated into MediaWiki – powering video on Wikipedia.

Case Study

Kaltura has partnered with the Wikimedia Foundation to power video on Wikipedia. Wikimedia will be using the Kaltura HTML5 media library to enable rich collaborative video on the site. This includes use of the Kaltura video player, sequencer, client side transcoder, uploader and asset location system.

This will allow Wikipedia to use 100% open source technology with no dependency on any commercial vendor for video ingestion, transcoding, playback, annotation and editing. While keeping to the open source principles, using the Kaltura HTML5 video tools and their browser fallback technology, content will be seamlessly accessible for any user using any of the leading browsers.

For the Wikimedia developer community, the code library is intended to be a facilitator for further creativity. As the library supports a unified interface for the video player, it’s easy to add one-off solutions, extend the functionality, customize and localize it. For example, subtitle support can target a single API rather than a few underling players.

Check out open video on Wikipedia and join the beta.

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  14. Matt says:

    Curious as to why the example player won’t load on iPad and other mobile devices.

  15. Andrew Davis says:

    Which page are you visiting for the example?

    iOS is very tricky because inline playback is currently supported only on iPad, but there are tricks that will enable you to view videos inline on iPhone when you load up an html page in an application WebView.

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  17. Shruti says:

    This is a great news that finally Kaltura has developed a full HTML5 Video Library which have exciting features that you have explained in this article.

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