WebRTC hits Firefox, Android and iOS

WebRTC hits Firefox, Android and iOS

“getUserMedia is available now in Chrome with no flags, as well as Opera, and Firefox Nightly/Aurora (though for Firefox you’ll need to set preferences). Take a look at the cross-browser demo of getUserMedia at simpl.info/gum—and check out Chris Wilson’s amazing examples of using getUserMedia as input for Web Audio.”

“webkitRTCPeerConnection is now in Chrome stable and it’s flagless. TURN server support is available in Chrome 24 and above. There’s an ultra-simple demo of Chrome’s RTCPeerConnection implementation at simpl.info/pc and a great video chat application at apprtc.appspot.com. (A word of explanation about the name: after several iterations, it’s currently known as webkitRTCPeerConnection. Other names and implementations have been deprecated. When the standards process has stabilised, the webkit prefix will be removed.)”

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