Watching Watchers; News Archive Video Wall with WebRTC and HTML5

The Internet archive yesterday unveiled their massive tv news archive. You can read all about in the ny times article or on boing boing. This 300K + hour archive of news programming opens up all sort of interesting mash-up possibilities.

In July in collaboration with mozilla ignite, the archive hosted a giabit meetup event over the course of 2 days; to build applications that take advantage of next generation Internet. In those two days were able to explore giabit apps and a preview version of the tv news archive.

The Video Wall — news archive mashup

A nice use for seemingly unlimited bandwidth was to build a ‘video wall’ comprising of politicly relevant content, per trending news articles on google news. Then this video wall would let you quickly dive into the news archive footage relevant to today’s headline.

We also wanted to explore aspects of symmetric high speed networks, so we added support for a web-sockets stream that highlighted in real-time which clip others were watching within the trending news item channel. Then for users of the chome canary  we could open a bidirectional video chat ( using webRTC ) for any time you were watching the same political news segment as any other participant. Letting you watch the watchers; and the watchers watch you. Instantly creating a space to discuss the media segment you are both watching.

You can access the video wall here on html5, and any instance of the video wall will connect to others via the web socket echo server on

Source code for video wall. Video wall was created by Jan, Kate, and Michael.

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