Kaltura Community Hangout Tomorrow at 4pm Eastern

Join us during our first Google Hangout for the Kaltura Community.

During this meeting we’ll be talking with Andrew Davis and Michael Dale about best practices for including Kaltura videos in Web Apps, and Thomas Huzij will talk about using Kaltura APIs to build a Paypal pay per view website.

The Kaltura Community Office Hours are a great opportunity for developers to meet the core Kaltura team and ask questions about integration best practices that will help you write less code that does more. We have a loose but formal structure for the beginning of the meetings, but we open it up for general discussion afterwards. All questions are welcome—if you’re having an issue with any part of the Kaltura platform this is an excellent opportunity to tell the developers how we can better serve you.

Bring any questions you may have for Office Hours after the presentations.

Registration: http://site.kaltura.com/Kaltura_US_Google_Hangout_Registration.html
Live Stream: http://www.youtube.com/user/KalturaCorp
Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/b/106504626342068252246/106504626342068252246/posts

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