What is HTML5 Video?

HTML5 Enables Web Pages to playback and manipulate video and audio across platforms and devices - powering amazing rich-media applications that work everywhere. HTML5video.org is an online community of web developers and the home of the Kaltura open source video player Javascript library.

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HTML5 News

  • Originally posted on blog.kaltura.org .

    We invite you for a sneak preview of a new disruptive WebRTC based Peer to Peer technology and experience the first ever plugins-free, large-scale peer-assisted streaming of video from multiple sources around the world, where all registered participants will enter the live demo together, and watch as the video plays seamlessly from multiple peers.
    To join the live demo, register at: http://kaltura2013.peer5.com

  • groovecoder: Packaged HTML5 Apps: Are we emulating failure?

    ‘When we discussed Sencha’s Fastbook app on the mozilla.engagement.developers list Robert pointed out that Sencha compared their HTML5 app running in mobile web browser to Facebook’s HTML5 app running in an iOS WebView – the way Sencha & PhoneGap packaged HTML5 apps actually run. It’s widely discussed, as we did with Fastbook, that HTML5 apps perform worse in iOS UIWebView than iOS Safari. There are similar stories about Android WebView performance, and Tulsa Web Dev and HTML5 PhoneGap developer Rod just posted a similar performance-related anecdote about BlackBerry WebWorks.’

    ‘That made me think, “PhoneGap is just that – a stop-gap.” … “we should drop this whole PhoneGap App nonsense and go (back) to mobile web at simple URL’s”‘

  • Never Having to Leave DevTools

    “Check out this short video by Remy Sharp showing us how you can use Chrome DevTools as a code editor. Literally edit JavaScript and save it back to disk without ever leaving the browser.”

  • Ubuntus Quixotic Mobile War: HTML5 – Not Linux – Is The Key

    “Making the Web a first-class citizen on mobile devices? That would be a Very Big Deal, and it’s one that Canonical has already started to deliver on, as Shuttleworth rightly notes. It’s a potentially winning strategy because it’s disruptive.

    Shuttleworth stresses that being late to the mobile party is a virtue, but I can’t agree. Except…he might be right insofar as HTML5 is concerned. Ubuntu’s tardiness has allowed HTML5 to mature. For the first time, HTML5 job postings, which look to bloom beyond Android and iOS jobs, are about to surpass Flash developer job postings.”

  • Netflix bill passes Senate, users are one step closer to sharing straight to Facebook

    “A bill that would make it easier for consumers to share information about their digital viewing habits has successfully passed the US Senate, reports All Things D. The bill was just passed by the House of Representatives on Tuesday, and would give Netflix users in the US the ability to frictionlessly share the movies and TV shows that they\u2019re watching directly to their Facebook accounts. That\u2019s something that users in Canada and Latin America have been able to do for some time, but it currently remains illegal under the Video Privacy Protection Act, which requires written consent for the information to be shared.”

Recent Blog Posts

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  • HTML5 Dev Conf Recap

    Earlier this week the second anual HTML5 dev conf took place in San Francisco. Speakers shared the trials and tribulations of developing for the HTML5 platform, and what we have in store for the future. You can check out the…
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  • FOMS Workshop and the State of Open Web Video

    The 2012  FOMS workshop took place in Paris, France. The working meeting consisted of focused sessions dedicated to bridging gaps among browser vendors and ensuing associative APIs meet the needs of developers that are making use of them. Browser vendors…
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  • Watching Watchers; News Archive Video Wall with WebRTC and HTML5

    The Internet archive yesterday unveiled their massive tv news archive. You can read all about in the ny times article or on boing boing. This 300K + hour archive of news programming opens up all sort of interesting mash-up possibilities….
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